Tutuapp APK Download for Android, iOS TuTu App Pokemon Go

Many users want to use paid apps which are available in Google Play Store and iTunes for free but most of them end up with downloading malware apks and some corrupted apk files.

To solve this issue we are writing this guide – how to download Google play store and iTunes paid applications without paying any money and for absolutely free with the help of TutuApp APK Download for iPhone and Android to use paid apps like Pokemon Go App.

You can download TutuApp APK here for free.

TuTu application is best to use paid applications in your android or iPhone for free.

Are you confused and thinking that Tutu app is fake. No! it is genuine and you heard it right, it is available for free!!

The most amazing thing about Tutuapp APK is , now you can download premium version of Pokemon Go which is a widely popular around the world. You just need to configure Pokemesh version 10.0 in addition to play Pokemon Go with all elements of the game.

In the online market there are many TuTu App alike apps are available but TuTu app stand out among them with some super powers.

And many people hate this app just because of this reason “TuTu app is a Chinese app and in chinese literature”.

TutuApp is also called as Tutu Helper.

So, many people think that we don’t know Chinese literature and how we should use this app which is in Chinese literature but actually it does not matter!

Do remember that we have a great tool like “Google Translate” from google which helps in converting Chinese literature into English and I know most of you are excited to know more about Tutuapp. So I don’t want to waste your time here, now we go deep into the Tutuapp’s amazing features!

Tutuapp apk for Android Download

Yes, good news is Tutuapp APK is freely available to download on the online from third party sites and bad news is it is not available in google play store.

Before downloading Tutuapp apk make sure that you are downloading from a trusted third party site which is free from viruses and bugs other wise you end up downloading tutuapp with malicious virus which harms your android device badly.

You can easily install TutuApp apk on your android device by following below steps and you are ready to use Tutuapp in your android device.

1.You should change the following settings in your android device: Go to settings option and tap on applications.

2.Now scroll down to the security section of the applications and tap on it.

3.Now you can see the option like “Unknown Sources” and tap on it.

4.Tap on the check box to enable the unknown sources of applications.

5.Now you can download Tutuapp APK, we are providing the link to download the app here:

TuTu App Download for Android.

6.After downloading the Tutuapp APK, start installing the app by tapping on the apk file that you downloaded.

Tutuapp may ask you some permissions, allow all the permissions asked by the app and continue the process of installing the TuTu App Android. It is advised to read the Agreement notice of Tutuapp before using the app.

After the successful installation of Tutu App, now you are ready to use all the paid applications of google play in your android device.

Finally, you are free bird now means you can download what ever app you need in your android device and it feels like as if you have escaped a bird cage and now sky is the limit with no barriers. By following the above steps you could easily have the TuTu App APK Download in your android device.


It is a never easy process for some users especially to download TuTu app for iPhone instead of downloading officially from the iTunes app store. Tutu app is very easy to install in iPhones unlike many other apps. We would like to give a complete guide which help you to download and install the Tutu app in your apple mobile device.

Important Note:

This app is mainly designed in such a way that it will get installed only in iOS 9.0 and above versions and this version of Tutu app is only for  non-jailbroken apple mobile devices(iPhones). This app has a separate version especially for jailbreak apple mobile devices(iPhones).

Now a days using paid app for free is a common thing among android users but for iPhone users it is a dream so the amazing part is  that now  being a iphone user you could also use all apps for free irrespective of their category paid or free and make your friends stun and jealous :). We hope that this guide is adding some value to you! Now we would like to go deep into what exactly Tutu App gives to the iOS and iPhone users in their devices.

The following steps are must  and you should follow before you start installing the TuTu App:

1. First step is open iPhone default browser (Safari Browser). The main reason to use Safari is that most of the time other apps oppose the installation of TuTu App English across them.

2. In the url bar of safari browser enter this website address www.tutuapp.com and wait till the website is loaded. If the website page doesn’t open don’t close the browser it may take time sometimes and wait for few more minutes. If still the problem persists then it is time to clear your browser cache and history data . This is the small trick that works most of the times for these kind of problems.

3. Once the page is open, you could see the big green download button, just you need to tap on the download button to download Tutu App iOS. Some times the web page opens in Chinese language so don’t worry about that simply hit the green button where ever you see without any hesitation.

4. Once you tap on download button, you could see a blue bar which asks the downloading process options. Tap on the install button.

5. In addition, you have to change your iPhone device settings to download the IPK (iOS App Store Package) file and run it on your device. Follow the below steps:

  • Tap on settings from the menu options in the device.
  • Scroll down and find General Settings and then tap on it
  • Then, choose profiles option on it.
  • In profiles you could see various profiles are created, what you need to do is just tap on Tutu App and you need to tap on trust the app.

6.After you complete all the above steps, hurrah you have successfully installed the Tutu app in your iPhone.


TuTu app is widely popular for Pokemon go game modified version and the people generally call this app as tutu app pokemon go. Many people do not know the other awesome features of the Tutu app. yeah it is very irritating to read a very length article but we are trying to provide a detail information about tutu app pokemon go. The following are the features of TuTuApp for your iPhone and iOS devices.

1. TuTuApp is similar to goolge play app store or iTunes app store to get paid apps, processed apps and games for free. TuTuApp works only on iOS versions 9.0,9.1,9.2,9.3,9.4 or above.

2. Developers of the TutuApp built this application with user friendly UI (User Interface) that is very easy to understand newbie as well as expert. The main demerit of TuTuApp is, as it is a Chinese app, the language of the app is in Chinese language so it is difficult to understand the app who do not know Chinese language. But as I said before you could always use Google Translate tool to convert it into English.

3. Apart from providing paid apps for free TuTu app provide many other features like calendar, contact, events, battery and many other things and it also provides search bar to search apps in TuTu App.

4. If your iphone or iOS device is already jailbreaked don’t worry about that as TuTu app has separate application for the Jailbreaked devices. You can download from our official website.

5.TuTuApp of iOS version has inbuilt cleaner very same like one in your iPhone for cleaning the junk files and the memory that is unused and other unwanted temporary files in your iOS device.

6.The amzing part of TuTu app is games which are categorized under paid apps in iTunes app store are available for free on TuTu app.

Now, you have enough knowledge about TuTu app. Download the app and enjoy like heaven! Enjoy the free apps from it and share this information to your near and dear ones.


There are many other Pokemon Go Mod Apps are available in the market most of them especially developed for rooted Android devices. But TuTuApp Pokemon go even works on normal Android devices i.e there is no need of rooting your Android Phone. Make sure that when ever you install any APK file from any third party android app market “Unknown Sources” is enabled in your device settings. You could easily download this app and through this app you could escape real life walking in Pokemon Go. This Modified version of app is must have hack for the users of this app. Pokemon Go is officially launched only in United Kingdom, USA, and New Zealand but Pokemon Go is app loved by all over the world and they looked for other alternatives to enjoy this game and the disappoint fact is that it is not available in all countries of the world, restricted to some countries as mentioned above. Then People started searching for modified version of this app and for original version Tutuapp Pokemon go app is a great replacement as it give extra feature called joystick feature where they don’t need to travel from their locations to other locations to find their favourite Pokemons.

To enjoy Tutu App Pokemon Go Modified version for Android devices follow below steps:

1. First Step is you should download TuTuApp APK from its official website. You could easily find this website on the internet.

2.To Enable Unknown Sources; As you all know this app is not officially present in Google Play Store and in google point of view this APK is from Unknown sources. When ever you download these type of APKs from various other sources your Android device browser will prompt a message “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep tutuapp_v2.2.32.apk anyway?” you should tap on “OK” button. There is no need to panic about this as this is a safe and would not harm your device in any way. Once you press the “OK” button your Tutu app Pokemon go mod version apk is downloaded in your Android device. Before installing this app you should also change your Android device settings. To do that first you should open your device settings option and then find an option called “Applications”, Once you open this search for option called “Security” and try to find an option called “Unknow Sources” If this option is disabled then you must enable this option as it is very important to install Tutu APK file.

3. Now launch your TuTuApp on your Android device.

4.In Search bar of the app type “Pokemon Go” and hit enter.

5.The very first result is your required app , tap on the green tab next to it. Wait till the download of APK file finished.

6.If you would have installed Official Pokemon go app in your device please uninstall this app before you install the tutuapp pokemon go mod app on your device other wise you may be in trouble.

7.Then you should install the Downloaded Pokemon Go (Downloaded from Tutu App).

In case you already installed tutuapp in your android device you could skip first two steps. Some times Tutu app may work properly on your device or Joystick option doesn’t work in your android device. Then you could always use the other method through Fly GPS Pokemon Go.


This is an amazing news for people you could also use Tutu app on PC. If you have already used in your Android devices and want to use this app on your PC, then you must go through this article. Tutu App is a Chinese App market store so most of the times you could see Chinese language in the App but don’t worry about that we make you familiar with the various options in the app with pictures.

Download TutuApp for PC for Vista, Windows 7,8,8.1,10 32/64 bits, Mac & iOS to download the paid games, apps and various software tools for free. You could download and install this Awesome app easily without jail breaking your iOS devices. So without wasting any time go ahead with this article and download the TutuApp for Windows or TutuApp for Mac for free. The other name of this app is Bunny Assistant due to its logo image.

To download TutuApp for Laptop for free follow this simple procedure. As you all know Tutu app is not an Official application and to install this app first you should download the APK file of this application and You could easily configure on your PC.